Adding openVPN to the guide?

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Adding openVPN to the guide?

Postby gurabli » March 20th, 2015, 3:24 pm


First of all, congratulations on this great site. Basically it was this site that made the push to start with linux, and guess what, I'm running an headless Ubuntu Server now that does everything I want and since then I already replaced the OS on my netbook to Lubuntu and running dualboot Ubuntu and Win8 on my main PC:)

However, I'm struggling with proper openVPN client configuration. I have a subscription to a VPN provider, I use openVPN. But I would like to direct only the traffic from Deluge, Flexget and Sonarr over openVPN, and have everything else direct connection.

I see this could be done following this guide: ... ment-60580

However, this doesn't look as complicated but it is for me. Especially how to adapt it to the Deluge user and etc. I believe you would be able to do a guide from this within no time as you probably understand all this. As security is above all, I think it would help a lot of us out here without enough knowledge to do this. Do you think you could add a section on this or help me here in the forum?

Many thanks!

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