What's your favourite Android app or apps?

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What's your favourite Android app or apps?

Postby Ian » March 2nd, 2012, 11:48 pm

This question is only open to Android users :lol:

What is your favourite app or apps? What can't you live without? The ones I'd miss terribly if they went are, in no particular order the following: K-9 Mail, Go Launcher EX, GO SMS Pro, Dolphin Browser HD, Llama. Oh, and my flashlight app. You'd be surprised just how often you need a torch! :roll:


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Andy Horn
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Re: What's your favourite Android app or apps?

Postby Andy Horn » March 3rd, 2012, 10:56 pm

Mmm, I've got a few that are really cool Tonido that lets me connect to my server from anywhere well at least I could if NFS worked on my server-roll on 26/04/2012 12.04 LTS will be realesed, XBMC remote control-does what it says on the tin, Yell should I need something whilst I'm out and about and Barclays Bank to see if I've enough money buy it :!: :!: , AirDroid allows transfers of files from PC to my phone via WiFi, the list seems endless.

Good call on the flash light app Ian.

One thing I am looking forward is the Ubuntu app for 'Droid, may be this could be a smoke screen for a full blown Ubuntu powered phone/tablet, I am convinced the people over at Ubuntu know a little more about Linux that Google.

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