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Re: Network Bragging.....

Postby Abysmal Craig » June 6th, 2012, 12:18 am

Moridiin wrote:Hi

I'm a complete newbie when it comes to installing a home network. I'm hoping there is some kind of step by step method for newbies like me. I will highlight what I'm hoping to achieve and any feedback on costs and how to go about doing it would be greatly appreciated.

I'm with virgin who will soon upgrade me to fibre I believe. I want to know what the best options are with prices if possible. My house has 2 attics (one of which will be the study/entertainment room). There are 3 bedrooms and a living room and sitting room and a basement that has a kitchen, bathroom and store room.

Firstly should I go cat6 or fibre to each room and how many sockets should I have in each room?
What peripherals will I need to purchase and what kind of cost will I be looking at fir each option of cat 6 or fibre.



Hi there and welcome

If your needing help on installing home networks check youtube and also I replied to the same post you put in the welcoming section. I put some useful info there aswel.

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Re: Network Bragging.....

Postby fpp » June 6th, 2012, 7:56 pm

Abysmal Craig wrote:Im even surprise that untwisted cat5 even gave you 100Mbps, Its rated at 10Mbps O.o
I would seriously consider upgrading your cabling infrastructure to cat6 if you have a Gigabit switch as you wont be getting the maximum potential out of your download speed. Your speed within you LAN will also be affected and will become apparent of you do upgrade to CAT 6e.

That may well be, but I sees what I sees :-)

Download speed is not an issue as I'm still on DSL, way under 20Mbps.

The motivation for the Gigabit switches was to speed up data transfers between the various PCs at home. And the rates I'm seeing are definitely not at 100Mbps-levels, let alone 10. They're well into the Gigabit range, and if anything is throttling them, it's most certainly the I/O throughput of the disks at either end...

So if and when FTTH does arrive in the neighbourhood I'll look at upgrading the copper, but for now it's officially good enough :-)

PS: the cables are untwisted because they're made to be flat and thin for home use, but the design is actually quite recent, nothing like good old 10baseT. They were definitely rated 100Mbps from the start, and it's not surprising that 10-to-20 metres strands like mine hold up way above that.

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