Very slow streaming

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Very slow streaming

Postby yoram » May 12th, 2012, 8:41 am

I have my 10.10 media server running for more than a year.
Lately all reads from the server are extremely slow (actually, not existing)
I thought it's a SAMBA issue but found that any read from the server is not working
I've tried SAMBA, DLNA (MediaTomb) and FTP.
Writes to the server are exellent at more than 30MB/s.
Replaced the ethernet cable with no results, nothing was changed in the ethernet cabling/switches/router when this problem started.
Until now I was digging into the SAMBA definitions, but obviously it's not a SAMBA issue.

Any ideas?

UPDATE: I bypassed a switch and connected the server to another switch. It's running for several hours and looks good.


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