need help with storage sharing layout

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need help with storage sharing layout

Postby vl1969 » May 13th, 2015, 8:12 pm

Hi, I have started my home server rebuild last night, and as I have some network issues I still have time to think about my storage and it's sharing.

my plan is to have a file server and a VM server.
so I am building out a Ubuntu 14.04 server with KVM + cloudmin + webmin.
as main HOST server.

I have
1 - 400GB HDD for system full BTRFS setup.
1 - 1TB HDD that will be a BTRFS RAID0 pool that will hold my VM files and my ISO files to be used for creating VMs

POOL1 (on 1TB drive to start)
== /VM
--- VM1
--- VM2

this pool will be expanded as needed by adding drives to the pool and rebalance. all supported by BTRFS
I do not need any protection on this as all data stored here will be backed up on the main DataStore and DVDs.

now second or Main Datastore will be setup on a 3- 2TB HDD in a Raid1 pool and will be expanded as I move my data into it and HDD become available as it is now I have a 2TB HDD and a pair of 3TB HDD with about 3TB worth of data between them.

POOL2 : (on set of 2TB drives now)
--- USER1
--- USER2
--- USER3

==/ISO <this will hold all ISO files and CD/DVD RIPED ISO for protected backup>
==/VM <this will hold all VM files for protected backup>
==/IMAGES <this will hold all clonzilla or alike PC images for PC backups>

==/FILEDUMP <all and all dump for temporary hold of data untill I can move it into proper place>


the question is:
can I share the POOL1 and POOL2 on the HOST system using NFS shares as "DATA01" and "VMDATASTORE"
available only for specific group and user let say DATA_ADMIN Group with DTADMN user
and mount them with in a special File Server VM that I will build out just for that.
I am thinking Ubuntu 14.04 server with webmin. and use that VM to than do more fine grain sharing.
I mean I will manage the permissions to the folders with in this two shares inside this VM. all users and groups etc.

now should I do this or just setup samba on the HOST and use it as a file server and VM server directly.

this question came up as I will be building several VMs to run MythTV and media processing apps like coach potato and sick beard , and this VMs will be mounting shares that point to this 2 pools (at least mostly to the POOL2 )

can someone advise on good setup for this. am I going at it the right way?

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