dealing with DVD/BR iso files

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dealing with DVD/BR iso files

Postby yoram » April 28th, 2016, 11:17 am

Hi there.
In order to share my media (music and video) library across the house and save some space, I've decided to rip
all my CDs and DVDs to a lossless format (probably FLAC and ISO)

I'm looking for streaming client that are able to deal with these formats directly.
I prefer using clients like PLEX that have web interface and/or apps for gaming consoles
because I have already either a PC or a gaming console connected to all my TVs

Any recommendations?

Thanks, Yoram

BTW, I have all my media on an ubuntu 12.04 server (upgrading to 16.04)
using PLEX to stream and deluge+plexget do download

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