Getting Snapraid to work

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Getting Snapraid to work

Postby fluttershy » October 19th, 2016, 6:54 am

Hello so my logic on what you have done is so weird ,Ian. I can't wrap my head around how you managed to do the samba, vm, and media partitions or folders in the volume group while using snapraid. i cant figure it out with the guide because it doesnt make sense. i really need to use snapraid, i just dont know how to use it in the current form. Any ideas?

-btw fantastic guide. in fact it was the way i learned linux when i built the server using this guide the first time. you have addressed alot of things since then and i am grateful. id give you a beer if i had the money!

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Re: Getting Snapraid to work

Postby dalewis62 » October 22nd, 2016, 4:39 am

Hello fluttershy. Thanks for the assist on smtp and I hope I can help you with snapraid. Actually you do not need to worry about what is happening with SAMBA or any other applications. On my machine I have mounted all volumes to /media and I created a directory called RaidMain on each volume. I have everything in this directory that I want archived. If I have no need to save then it is found outside RaidMain.

I have created two parity disks and I have saved the content file in three locations. I then have eight drives to archive and they are identified as d1-d8. Here is my snapraid.conf file. Hope this helps.

Code: Select all

# They can be in the disks used for data, parity or boot,
# but each file must be in a different disk
# Format: "content FILE_PATH"
content /var/lib/snapraid/content
content /media/MediaLinks/content
content /media/WD20EARX/content

# Defines the data disks to use
# The order is relevant for parity, do not change it
disk d1 /media/MediaLinks/RaidMain/
disk d2 /media/WD20EARX/RaidMain/
disk d3 /media/WL3000/RaidMain/
disk d4 /media/WD20EARX_2/RaidMain/
disk d5 /media/WD20EARX_3/RaidMain/
disk d6 /media/WD20EARX_4/RaidMain/
disk d7 /media/WL3000_2/RaidMain/
disk d8 /media/WL3000_3/RaidMain/

# Excludes hidden files and directories (uncomment to enable).
# nohidden

# Defines files and directories to exclude
# Remember that all the paths are relative at the mount points
# Format: "exclude FILE"
# Format: "exclude DIR/"
# Format: "exclude /PATH/FILE"
# Format: "exclude /PATH/DIR/"
exclude *.bak
exclude *.unrecoverable
exclude /tmp/
exclude /lost+found/

# Defines the block size in kibi bytes (1024 bytes).
# Default value is 256 -> 256 kibi bytes -> 262144 bytes
# Format: "block_size SIZE_IN_KiB"
block_size 256

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